Steam Tower

Steam Tower

How to Play Steam Tower Slot Demo

Steam Tower Slot is a 5-reel, 15-pay lines slot machine with adventure themes. This game created by NetEnt offers a wide range of designs and features for maximum play. The difference between this slot machine and many others is that it is based on the 19th-century Victorian era following free spins feature and betting options. Steam Tower Slot which involves saving the Princess from the dragon has maximum and minimum bets between £15 to £150. Based on the industrial design of this game, the total coins range between 1 to 10, and there is a progressive jackpot. There are symbols to help make a difference to this game, and they are; bonus symbols and regular symbols with their respective payouts. This slot game can be played for real money, but before that, there is a demo version. The purpose of this demo is to understand the concept and principles of this game, as well as know-how to place good bets. With proper understanding, playing for real money shouldn’t be difficult for players. In addition, there is an AutoPlay option for players to play without disturbance.

Paytable: Free Spins Bonus Explanation

As aforementioned, there are bonuses and features available in this slot game. Some of these features contribute to the playability of Steam Tower. Symbols are important features in slot games that unlock many other features, paytables, bonuses, and bonus rounds. However, they have been divided into two parts;

Regular symbols

These symbols include princess, dragon eye, harpoon symbol, and card symbols.

Bonus symbols

There are two main bonus symbols, and they are;

  • Stacked Wild Symbol: One or more on reels will trigger free spins feature.
  • Tower Scatter Symbol:Triggered by stacked wilds to unlock free spins feature and multiplier

Hence, both bonus symbols work together to give bonus rounds to players. However, there is something unique about the reels. This slot has 3 different “Meters” below reels that tell what floor out of 16 a player is on. These 4 Meters are:

  • Floor Meter: Describes the floor on which a player is on.
  • Multiplier Meter: Shows a current or an active multiplier.
  • Tower Meter: Describes both active multiplier and tower floor a player is on.

How to play for real money?

By betting with real money between 15p and £150, players get to win cash prizes. Since there are 16 floors in the tower, chances of winning increase. A player climbs every floor of the tower on each spin until the 16th where there is a cash prize of 1,000 coins. However, with good combinations, a player can make more than that. For instance;

  • Floor 1 to 3 pays x2 multiplier.
  • Floor 4 to 6 gives out x3 multiplier.
  • Floor 7 to 9 has a payout of x4 multiplier.
  • Floor 10 to 12, an x5 multiplier is paid.
  • Floor 13 to 15 has an x6 multiplier.
  • 16th floor has x7 multiplier.

Therefore, more wins come with more free spins.

Bonus Rounds & RTP Values

Bonus rounds are as a result of free spins given to players. There are ways to use free spins to advantage in this slot game; however, the most important thing is to look out for one or more stacked wilds on the reels to trigger the feature. Triggering of free spins feature makes the game ascend to the first floor out of 16. By looking out for one or more wilds again comes a retriggering of 2 extra free spins. These extra spins help in ascending to the next floor, and so it continues until the 16th floor. In general, stacked wilds are needed on every reel in Steam Tower in order to progress to the next floor. With free spins come main wins to a maximum value of 2,000 times original wager. This maximum paying value is the highest payout and it can be called in-game jackpot of this slot. Additionally, the Return to Player (RTP) value of the Steam Tower slot is 97%. This means there is a high probability for players to make good wins on every game played using reel money on this slot game.

Play Steam Tower by NetEnt: No Download No Registration

NetEnt brings yet another slot game, Steam Tower with features for players to enjoy. Being registered under an online casino means no download or no registration is required to play; thus, a free online pokie. Aspects of this slot game go thus:

  1. Gameplay. 5 reels and 15 pay lines make it possible to start off this game. Along the line, stacked wilds, free spins are used to unlock two or more scatter symbols on the reels for ascending upward. Game is enjoyable with a multi-level free spins bonus game.
  2. Graphics & Animations. Steam Tower beautifies game ground using the 19th-century Victorian era and industrial design as well as animations. These designs and symbols take players back to old storybooks where the princess is saved from distress. Animations, on the other hand, bring characters to life for good gameplay.
  3. Sounds. Since it centers around a Victorian skyline, the soundtrack is apt and suspenseful. This aims at bringing life into the slot game.
  4. General Overview. Steam Tower slot combines features, sounds, and graphics together to make sure players gain a wonderful while playing the game.
  5. Jackpot Big Win. Based on reviews and gameplay, a big win for Jackpot is a whopping progressive jackpot of 2,000 coins.


Steam Tower slot is available on all kinds of mobile devices including;

  1. iPhone: Good interface and screen resolution to support the graphics quality of this slot game.
  2. iPad: All apple products including iPad has a good supporting screen resolution
  3. Android & Tablet: Smart devices like android and tablets are compatible with a wide range of slot games with no exception to Steam Tower.
  4. HTML 5 vs. Flash. Today, Flash has limitations to supporting slot games with intensive graphics quality; thus, they are not highly regarded. However, there is a better alternative, and that is HTML 5 – it has a ggraphicalhics interface and wide resolution for this online slot.