Pompeii is a legendary city that was wiped from existence by the volcano Vesuvius in 79 AD. Pompeii slot game by aristocrat brings this theme back to life and takes players back into ancient times as the volcano is erupting! Aristocrat has created a fantastic slot game with a myriad of cool features with autoplay and instant play. Furthermore, total potential jackpot is over $100k.

In addition to this, this 5-reel slot game provides 243 potential ways to win and has a decent RTP of 95.45%. Although graphics look a little dated and simplistic, game is still classic and popular in online casino industry. In this Pompeii Slot review, we give a full breakdown of what this game has to offer. See if you can escape the eruption and claim an immense jackpot today!

How to Play Pompeii Slot

Aristocrat has created a simple slot game with basic controls. To play game, follow the instructions listed below:

  1. Open slot game at slotsgig
  2. Select bet value using red and black buttons
  3. Press start button to spin reels
  4. Watch reels spin and see if you have won

Gameplay is extremely simple. You should figure out how to play Pompeii in a matter of seconds. The only thing you have to consider is bet value. Always check how in-game credits translate to actual real-world currency too. Winnings are automatically calculated and added to your balance. The only thing you have to do after winning is select if you wish to gamble or not. If you don’t wish to gamble, simply press start button again to start next reel spin.

Free Spins Bonus & Bonus Features

Pompeii has a standard selection of bonus features and free spin gameplay. These typical features include a wild symbol, a scatter symbol, and a mechanism to win free spins. We have described these features in detail below:

Golden coin scatter symbol & free spins

Pompeii Slot has a great free spin feature. Users can win 10, 15, or 20 free spins with chance to win additional cash. The golden scatter coin is actually a standard paytable winning combination too:

Golden Scatter coin: 1250 / 500 / 125

Aside from the winning combination this symbol pays out, it also provides free spin bonuses. The following combinations apply:

  • 3 golden scatter coins: 10 free spins
  • 4 golden scatter coins: 15 free spins
  • 5 golden scatter coins: 20 free spins

When playing free spins, standard paytable rules apply. Winnings still pay from left to right. Wild symbol also has additional meaning during free spins, however:

  • A wild symbol in a winning combo on REEL 2 = 2x bet multiplier
  • A wild symbol in a winning combo on REEL 4 = 5x bet multiplier
  • A wild symbol in a winning combo on REEL 2 & 4 = 15x bet multiplier

As you can see, there is a potential here for huge jackpots to be won. It should also be noted that additional free spins can be triggered during the free spins – there is no limit to how many times free spins can be triggered.

Vesuvius wild symbol

Mount Vesuvius is the demise of Pompeii. It fits, therefore, that this is the wild symbol for this slot game. Vesuvius wild symbol appears on reels 2 and 4. Furthermore, this symbol substitutes for every other symbol in a winning combination except the golden coin scatter symbol.

Gamble feature for winning combinations

As with most Aristocrat slot games, Pompeii Slot has a gamble feature. This allows players to potentially win extra by gambling their winnings. We advise caution when using this feature – do not gamble every time. Furthermore, do not gamble major jackpots!

When you hit a winning hand, a gamble feature appears. If you select gamble, a new screen appears. This contains different gambling options based on a standard pack of cards. Options are as follows:

  • Pick correct card color (red or black): winnings are multiplied by 2x
  • Pick correct card suit (diamonds, hearts, spades, or clubs): winnings are multiplied by 4x

Winnings can be gambled a total of 5x in a row. As mentioned above, take extreme caution when considering gambling your winnings! You essentially have a 50% or 75% chance to lose all of your winnings!

Play Pompeii Slot by Aristocrat

So why should you play this slot title? Although Pompeii Slot now looks a little dated, it is still fun to play. Furthermore, RTP of 95.45% is respectable, and the high volatility gives a chance to win big. Following there are some of main benefits of this title:

  • 243 ways to win using power play feature
  • Chance to win up to 20 free spins
  • The huge maximum jackpot of over $100k
  • An interesting theme and reel symbols
  • Simple and easy to understand gameplay

243 Ways to win explained

This game features the Aristocrat reel power winning formula. Furthermore, due to the configuration of winning combos, there is a total of 243 ways to win.

Combinations are awarded left to right in blocks.

  • 3×3 = 2 of a kind
  • 3x3x3 = 3 of a kind
  • 3x3x3x3 = 4 of a kind
  • 3x3x3x3x3 = 5 of a kind

This means that the winning symbols do not have to be on the same line. For example, if you had a golden coin on reel 1 line 2, reel 2, line 3, and reel 3, line 1 – this would count as a win. This method of win calculation is different from standard pay lines offered by most slot games.


Pompeii Slot has a simplistic paytable. There is only one paytable that applies for both the standard game and for free spins. Base Game Paytable

  • Golden horn symbol – 2500 / 1000 / 500
  • Roman Legionnaire Helmet – 2000 / 500 / 100
  • Golden Coin – 1250 / 500 / 125
  • Roman Sword – 1000 / 200 / 100
  • Roman Chariot – 1000 / 100 / 50
  • A – 200 / 100 / 20
  • K – 200 / 50 / 15
  • Q – 100 / 20 / 15
  • J – 100 / 20 / 10
  • 10 – 100 / 20 / 10 / 5
  • 9 – 100 / 20 / 10 / 5

Base Game rules

  • All wins are displayed in credits
  • All paying combinations pay left to right
  • Any malfunction or game errors result in void bets

Chances to Win

Pompeii Slot has an RTP of 95.45%, it is considered a high volatility slot game. The RTP of 95.45% is below the industry average of 96%. However, it is still higher than many other Aristocrat slot titles. The main point to consider is high volatility. This means that you can experience long periods without winning, but you could experience some high jackpot wins too. High volatility slot games are less predictable and the immediate RTP can be either really high or terribly low.

Real Money Play

Slotsgig provides the chance to try out Pompeii for free. We offer this slot game for completely free. Users can try out this game and get used to its features. Whilst playing for free is a great way to test games, there is nothing quite like playing for real money. Pompeii is an excellent game to play for real money. As you have seen above, it has excellent game features and some brilliant jackpots.

If you want to see how your luck plays, we can help you play for real money. To play for real money using this slot game, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Browse through list of casinos featured at slotsgig
  2. Choose a suitable casino that features Pompeii Slot
  3. Complete the registration process and create a new account with casino
  4. Find a banking section and make a deposit using a preferred payment method
  5. Find Pompeii slot game and start spinning those reels!

This process is straightforward. Registration procedure is a little time consuming, but 5 steps should take no more than 5-10 minutes. Once you have completed registration, you must usually validate it using an email address you provided.

After this, making a deposit is essential if you want to play with real money. The casino should offer a myriad of different payment methods such as PayPal, Skrill, Visa, Neteller, Bank Transfer. Simply choose your preferred payment method and make a deposit. Ensure that you utilize any welcome bonuses when making a payment.

Finally, you can simply find game and start playing. Ensure that you check your bet values and that you have selected the correct number of pay lines. Always double-check otherwise you could spend more money than you meant too.

No Download No Registration

Playing online casino games can sometimes be a chore. Users often have to register with a casino first and make a deposit to even consider playing a slot game. Furthermore, users may have to download the old casino software and spend time installing it on their computers. This is time-consuming and can be irritating too.

We understand this and know your frustrations. This is why we provide Pompeii Slot and other fantastic titles for free, without any download or registration process. We know that your time is precious. Therefore, you can use our website to play Pompeii slot immediately. All you have to do is click on play link – this will load game, after you can start playing instantly for free.

Mobile Experience: iPhone, Android

Playing online casino games on mobile devices is a fantastic experience. Furthermore, it is the preferable mode of gaming for today’s online casino industry. Desktop computers and laptops are being used less for slot games. Instead, Android devices, iPhones, and iPads are the preferred choice. Mobile gaming is trending and immensely popular. It is convenient, also provides players with excellent freedom.

Pompeii Slot by Aristocrat has a dedicated mobile version. This mobile version has been created for play on popular smartphone devices and tablets. Windows phones, Android smartphones, iPads can all play Pompeii. Furthermore, it resizes perfectly for small mobile screens and has all features of the full desktop browser version. This means that you can play Pompeii Slot on the go without any restriction providing you have an internet connection.

Top 10 Tips

Now that you understand more about this superb slot game, we can provide some advice about how to play it. The first point you have to remember is that slot games largely rely on luck – players can only affect their chances of winning minimally. 95% of game is based on luck of slot spins. That being said, there is a myriad of things you can do minimizes your losses, and potentially improve your chances of winning. We have listed 10 top tips to help improve your slot gameplay when playing Pompeii Slot:

  1. Understand game mechanics and controls first
  2. Try free version before playing for real money
  3. Place minimal bets to start so you can get used to game
  4. Know when to walk away and take a break from playing
  5. Set yourself realistic upper spending limits
  6. Set yourself maximum limits per bet
  7. Don’t expect a hot streak to last forever
  8. Don’t gamble jackpot winnings
  9. Consider a minimalistic approach with small bets
  10. Don’t play if you are stressed or in a bad mood

The key is to exercise self-control and to know your limits. If you are hitting a long losing streak, sometimes it is better to simply walk away. There is no guarantee that your luck will turn. Furthermore, ensure that you play with a clear head and mind – gambling when in a mood can be catastrophic and lead to huge losses.

Also, consider using the strategic approach. This is one of our favorite strategies and can yield consistent results and a low-risk approach to playing Pompeii Slot. The basic premise is that you place minimum value bets until you hit a win. On the first win, increase your bet value. Continue using this increased value until your next loss. On next loss, revert back to the previous value. This method minimizes losses and ensures you only gamble your winnings.


We hope you have found this Pompeii Slot review interesting. Aristocrat has created another brilliant game – it has a great set of features, some amazing jackpots, and plenty of chances to win. Furthermore, game is easy to play and has a decent RTP.

Hopefully, we have answered all questions you have about this slot game. If not, we have listed 5 common FAQ questions below – these should clear up any confusion and queries you have:

Q – There are 5 different reel options from 1-5, but they are grey and I cannot press them?

A – This appears to be an error in game – players can only select the bet value, not the number of reels in play. It automatically plays all 5 reels.

Q – Does Pompeii Slot have an autoplay feature, if so, how can I use it?
A – Yes it does. This is a basic autoplay feature – simply press green auto start button and game will spin until you run out of credits. To stop game, press auto start button again, or start button.

Q – What do the 243 ways to win feature mean?

A – Standard slot games feature pay lines in different configurations. Pompeii features a winning system based on linear slot icons from left to right. This is non-standard and offers a greater number of chances to win.

Q – What is the maximum number of times you can gamble your winnings?

A – 5x in a row – if you manage to do this, then you have exceptional luck!

Q – How is the game currency measured? What units are used?

A – When placing bets, the value is measured in game-currency – this does not translate 1:1 directly for actual cash. Always check what the game currency relates too in terms of real money value.

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