Piggy Bank

Piggy Bank

How To Play Piggy Bank Slot

If you want to please your inner child, this game is just for you. Why? Because it features amazing symbols and music that will take you back in time. Moreover, this game is very easy to play thanks to its clear rules. A winning line starts from anywhere on the screen and is on consecutive reels. This slot machine is very different than others because players can actually choose what bet they want per line. They have 5 levels each and increasing a level will add a 0.10 cents to the bet. This game is no usual because it has three Jackpots: Tasty, Luxury and Dream Chance. Each of them is triggered with 3 to 5 symbols that have a gold circle around them.

There are 5 reels and 5 paylines. In a player’s path to winning money, there are some symbols that will help them a lot, such as Scatter Piggy and Piggy Bonus. Scatter Piggy will make them choose a pig to crash and after they do so they get an amount of money. Piggy Bonus is progressive, meaning that each won round will make the Luck Meter bigger and depending on that, they can choose how many pigs to smash. Each of them hides a prize. They also have the Gamble option where you can Double Up or Triple Up your money.

Free Spins, Paytable & Features

It is very easy to play this slot because it has some understanding rules. For bonuses, players have Piggy Bonus, Scatter Piggy, Gamble. Each of them is triggered by a number of symbols on the screen. Speaking of that, let’s see what they are all about.

  • Scatter Piggy is represented by a pink pig that, if players get at least 3 of them, it will give them a prize. If that happens, all they have to do is choose a pig to smash and that one will give them a random amount of money.
  • Piggy Bonus Symbol is very popular in this game. If players land on at least 3 of them, they will be taken to a bonus game where they are shown some pigs and they have to smash some of them in order to get a prize. The number of pigs they can smash depends on their Luck Meter that will increase with every winning round.

There are some symbols in this game that appear in a gold circle. If players get at least 3 of them, it will trigger one of the 3 wheels. They will give one of the three Jackpots: Bronze, Silver, Gold. If they want to get them more often, just raise the stakes a little bit.

Unfortunately, this game does not have a Wild symbol nor free spins, but players are blessed with other beautiful symbols and bonuses like Scatter Piggy, Scatter gold circle, Piggy Bonus, Gamble. Scatter Piggy will give them a prize if they land on at least 3 of them. If it happens, they will have to smash one pig in order to get a reward in money. Scatter Gold Circle will trigger 3 wheels and it will lead to this game’s 3 Jackpots. If players get 3 of them, they get to the Bronze wheel and so on. They can also get progress into them thanks to a spike that will allow them to do so. Piggy Bonus, if landed on at least 3 of them, will take them to a bonus game where they will have to smash a number of pigs and get their reward. The number of pigs players will smash depends on their Luck Meter and it increases per winning round. Gamble will double or triple their money if they get a card right. If they choose to double, they will be shown 4 cards, if triple, 3. They have to choose one of them. Be careful here because they can get the doubled or tripled up money or lose all of their earnings on that round.

This game has 5 reels and 5 paylines. The minimum bet is 0.50 cents, the maximum bet is 50.00 euros. This game’s Jackpot is progressive, meaning that you have 3 reels that will determine whether you get it or not. They will multiply your winnings on that round.

Bonus Rounds & RTP Bonuses

This game offers you 4 bonuses, Scatter Piggy, Scatter Gold Circle. This will trigger the Jackpot, Piggy Bonus, Gamble, which can double or triple your money. The Jackpot can be triggered by 3 or more symbols with a gold circle. They will give you 3 progressive wheels that can get you to one of the 3 Jackpots. You get an RTP of 97%, which makes this game amazing for both newbies and older players.

Play Piggy Bank by Play’n’Go

Without any doubt, this game is amazing because it pleases your inner child. Featuring amazing symbols and music, this game is perfect for everyone that want to win some money. You have bonuses like Scatter Piggy, Scatter Gold Circle, Piggy Bonus, Gamble that can either give you an amount of money or double, triple the winnings on that round. Also, Scatter Gold Circle can trigger one of the 3 Jackpots.

Jackpots Real Money: No Download No Registration

Your chances and odds of winning at this game are pretty big. This game’s Jackpot, though, it’s not very easy to get. Whether you are playing for fun or for real, you will want to win some money, that is why it is important to know that this game has an RTP of 97%, meaning that you have a pretty high chance of winning a consistent amount of cash.

This game does have a pretty big chance of winning per round, but you might never know what will happen in the next rounds. This is why we recommend you keep your stake at a consistent amount, so you won’t lose all your money from the first round.


This game keeps getting better as we find out that we can play it on any device we own. It runs on iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android, Windows phone, Tablets that support HTML 5. Now that you know that, happy playing!

0.5 cents
50 euros