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Indian Dreaming Slot Game first appeared in Australia in 1999 and what is best about it is that it keeps you excited the whole time you play. Why is that? It’s because there are wins coming on a regular basis during the game and also some features that are giving great rewards too. It has only 5 reels, but you have at least 243 ways to win a video game. The minimum bet is 1 and the maximum bet is 25, meaning that if you bet more, you will win more. The game has also a simple design, there are five reels and three paylines, and a little menu above them in where you can see your credits, your bet, and your current win. This game is perfect for classical slot lovers, but might not be suitable for those that like the modern sound effects and themes. Also, if you are looking for progressive games, this is not the right fit for you as this one does not focus on acceding to a Jackpot.

Indian Dreaming Pokies by Aristocrat

What makes this slot better than the others is that it has a big number of ways in which you can win, meaning that no matter how much you wager, players can have a lot of gameplay. The player in this game does not have to depend on the pay lines, so, with just one bet placed on all reels, it can trigger all the possible combinations that make him win the money. Players can use real money and earn real cash while playing the game.

Don’t forget that this game is available on a mobile, iPad, iPhone, Android, HTML5 supporting Tablet, iPod and Windows Phone. Players can play it in an instant, with no registration and no download needed.

Paytables, Free Spins, Bonus Rounds

This game has quite some important bonuses and symbols that can increase your win consistently. When the bet is bigger, your bonus will become even bigger, so keep an eye on them at all times.
First one is called Teepe and what this does is to double or even triple your winnings if you get it on the second or fourth reels.
Second one is a native tribal headdress that helps players get 250 coins and a free spin round if the reels get 5 of a kind.
The Chief is the star in this game, as it grants the player 2500 coins, but only if it got 5 of a kind on active pay lines.
Last one is Buffalo and it will grant players 400 coins along with cool effects. The totem pole and the axe can give a maximum of 200 coins.

This game also has a gamble feature that allows players to double their winning by predicting a card color. If they got it right, they will double the money they just won on that round, if not, they will need to keep playing. This is a fun way to make the game more exciting and intriguing and is very much welcomed.

There are other symbols that may include multiple playing cards that will give different wins. Unfortunately, there are no Jackpot combinations available for this game, but its bonus round will make you forget about it instantly.

No Download No Registration to Play for Fun

What is best about this game is that it can be totally played online, so that means that it doesn’t need an additional app to run. Also, Indian Dreaming Slot Game does not require any registration if you want to play for free and for fun, but there might be a need to create an account if you want to play with real money. Don’t forget that it is recommended to try the demo version first, so the player can see what the game is all about and then play the paid version with no deposit required.

In this game, the minimum bet size is 1$ but you can rise up to 22.50$. Even though this might not sound very good, there is another exciting thing that might get your interest in these slots and that is that you have a lot of chances to win per game, 243 ways, more exactly.

Free Spins & Bonus Rounds

For those who can’t stand to pay for their unlucky rounds, some slot machines come with a special reward consisting of free spins that allow them to play some few games without spending a coin. While the majority of slots allow you to re-trigger these bonus rounds, some of them don’t let you do that, so a single round from time to time will help you have greater shots of winning more.

Unfortunately, because this game is very old it did not come with lots of features and bonuses. Although, there is a Bonus Round that will fill some void left by the developers. Indian Dreaming Bonus Round refers to winning a lot of free spins that also come with special multipliers. If you get three scatter symbols on screen you are good. While it’s sometimes difficult to trigger this bonus, once the player gets there, it might even get multipliers up to 100x. It takes a lot of patience and a few credits, but it’s going to make players great in the end.

Real Money Games & Online Casinos

It is not that hard to find nowadays a site where you can play slot games online. The process is fairly simple and easy to understand for all users. You will need to verify it with your ID card or Passport when playing with real money. After doing so, you are free to play any game you like, including Indian Dreaming. It is going to feel a little bit harder than usual to find this game online, frankly, and that is because it’s very old. But this hidden gem can still appear if you know where to search.

The registration part might take a few moments, but after that, you can enjoy slots to the maximum and start winning in no time. `

Jackpot and Payouts

This Indian themed slot features a non-traditional jackpot of up 9000 credits depending on symbol. For cashing in, you will have to match all five symbols on your screen. Return to player value is pretty low considering what other games are offering, but 88.60% for a game like this is actually still pretty good, especially with the high volatility it has to offer.

Mobile: iPhone, Android Devices

What is best about this game is that you can play it from any phone, anywhere you are. It is a super cool game that is supported by all kinds of mobile devices and computers. All players need to have is an Internet connection and they can start playing right off.

Tips & Tricks

  1. There are some voices that seem to think that the bet size has anything to do with the probability of winning a jackpot. There’s nothing more wrong as it’s all random and the only thing you can do with a higher bet is to grow the final sum more. As in traditional types of slots, a part of all bets that are placed goes as seed for the jackpots. So forget about all that and just use a wagger size that allows you to play for a longer time as you can hit the jackpot even with a 0.25 bet.
  2. Even if you’re playing it for quite some time now and no big payout has made its way towards you, keep your calm and whatever you do, do not increase bet size thinking it will bring you more luck. Remember that a big jackpot was won with a bet of a quarter so why bother?
  3. Since a winning combination can be formed by three or more consecutive symbols of the same kind, the chances of a great result increase substantially. One of the first tips to take into consideration is that by arranging larger deposits players will afford higher stakes and maximum numbers of winning pay lines active.
  4. If you are playing with a low amount of money, always go for free spins as they can help you more then trying to hit different combinations. And because this game allows you to stack up even more free spin, there’s no reason for you do not do it.
  5. Remember that you will have to start small in order to win big.

Indian Dreaming Pokies in UK, CA, NZ

A great thing about this game is that over years, it became available almost in any casino, and with the major popularity of the internet and online slots. This means that you can enjoy this slot game right now, even if you live in the United Kingdom, Canada, and New Zealand! With these many options, Indian Dreaming is still a great slot to try proving that some games age well, just like wine.

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