Gypsy Rose

Gypsy Rose

Gypsy Rose is a 5-reel, 30-payline Video slot originally released by Betsoft in 2015. It has 4 distinct Bonus features, a unique Gypsy fortune teller aesthetic, and multiple ways to get Free Spins. The game also offers additional ways to get Wilds during play – in classic Betsoft fashion, it’s chockfull of features to spice up the gameplay. Is there such as thing as «too much complexity» in a slot game? Let’s see what’s in the cards.

Paytable & Bonus Symbols

When you play Gypsy Rose Slot, you’ll find lots of ways to win. Beyond the basic symbols such as the Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and 10, everything else has bonus properties. Here’s a list of all the Magical Symbols available:

  1. Love Potion Free Spins. When shown on Reels II and IV with the Crystal Ball in the middle, you get 12 Free Spins, which trigger even when you’re already in a Free Spins mode.
  2. Crow Wild/Re-Spin. When shown on Reels II and IV with the Crystal Ball in the middle, they become Wild. These new Wilds stick in their locations, with an automatic paid respin made on the spot.
  3. Magic Book Instawin. When shown on Reels II and IV with the Crystal Ball in the middle, you immediately get 20x your total bet in a single bonus payout.
  4. Tarot Card Fortune Teller. When 2 Gypsy symbols show up on Reels II and IV with the Crystal Ball in the middle, you’re transported to a Bonus Round where you make payout by selecting matching colors and characters.

All of these bonuses are enabled by the Crystal Ball special Symbol. It can only land on Reel III and serves as a nice thematic way to «power up» other magic symbols. There’s also a Wild Tarot Card that show on Reels I and V and substitutes anything else. If two land opposite each other, the Fortune Teller will toss two additional Wilds onto the reels – increasing your win potential. Matches of 5 wilds pay an impressive x1000. On the whole, this is a well-designed Paytable with lots of variety in win opportunities. It can be called with a «View Pays» button on the top right of in-game screen.

Play Gypsy Rose by Betsoft

This video slot has great presentation and a unique style, but pays for it in terms of optimization – you’ll need a Flash player to run it properly. Unlike many other modern slots, it doesn’t simply load in HTML 5 and so isn’t as flexible – older devices and laptops might experience some hiccups in graphical fidelity. There’s a «Graphics» setting in the options to make up for it.

Good news is, Betsoft games are supported by all top online casinos and offer mobile applications to play the game. Gypsy Rose is available on mobile such as Android phones and tablet devices, iOS iPads and iPhones, as well as desktops for in-browser play. To play Gypsy Rose for real money, simply follow the casino instructions and verification process. The slot works the same in Free Play for fun mode as well as real cash play.

How to Play Gypsy Rose Slot

There are a few things to learn about how to play Gypsy Rose Slot. Here are your options:

  • Activate Lines, set Coins per Line as well as Bet per Line on the bottom left of the game. Max bet is 150 credits, with the minimum at 30.
  • Hit «Play» to spin and activate the Double Up feature to enter a 50/50 mini-game.
  • Use «Autoplay» with flexible stop/spin options up to 100 spins in a certain bet range.
  • Activate Turboplay or adjust graphics in the «Game Settings» on top right.
  • During Bonus features, select cards on the screen and collect your winnings.

Aside from that, you can try the game for free with no download and no registration – it has lots of features to explore without any need to make a deposit.

Free Spins Bonus & Jackpot

There are two ways to get Free Spins in the game:

  1. By activating the Love Potion bonus, which gets you 12 Free Spins that stack.
  2. By activating the Crow re-spin that turns them into wilds and increases your payouts.

Additionally, some casino bonuses offer Free Spins on Betsoft games for new players.

Bonus Rounds in Gypsy Rose Slot

Bonus Round is activated by 2+ Gypsy Fortuneteller symbols next to the crystal ball. Its payouts depend heavily on your bet – the higher it is, the better the multiplier. You get 15 cards to choose from – 5 of them have different figures, presented in 3 unique colors. This bonus feature regularly offers impressive x6+ modifiers on your current stake.

Additionally, the Double Up mini-game is available whenever you land a win. The camera zooms in and you choose between Heads or Tails in a coin spin. The right pick doubles the win, wrong one loses your stake.

How to Win Big Gypsy Rose Slot

This is a low-volatility slot with an impressive 97.63% RTP. It’s built for you to spend time in, not for a single big win. Most of the time you’ll be happy with 20x your bet on Bonus Features, landing on a fairly consistent basis with some strategy.

Because the Bonus Feature and Free Spins are dependent on your bet size, Gypsy Rose favors high-rollers with larger bets. The best tip for this Vegas slot is to stick with it. If you last longer, your win streaks will be all the more likely.

Gypsy Rose is an impressive slot with a unique theme that plays to it almost perfectly. Every single feature has the Fortune Teller (Rose) doing something interesting, with graphics, sounds, and music drawing you in for an immersive experience. The slot has two small weaknesses – poor optimization for older devices and lack of a Jackpot to chase. However, if you’re a kind of player looking to spend time with Gypsy Rose, it’ll return your patience in kind.

«This slot uses the advantages of online play to the maximum, providing a whole heap of interesting bonus features. Fun is in the cards for those willing to read them.»