Big Ben Slot is one of the most popular slot games that attract attention from online gambling machine enthusiasts. It is a unique and lovely slot machine that portrays an ancient clock in London. There’s no doubt most people know about this famous London clock monument, which is the primary representation in this slot machine. Some unique features make Big Ben game rank among top online pokies in the world. Aside from the fact that it has a minimum and maximum bet sizes of 0.25 and 50, respectively, Big Ben is easy to play. This Aristocrat slot has an attractive graphics, theme and an outstanding sound effect that makes the gambling machine widely acceptable among bettors and online casinos.

Big Ben Slot has critical reels, 25 pay lines that can earn you a lot of cash in return. Other notable graphics in the game include Palace guards, a house on reels, buses, lamps, and phone box symbols.

Play Free Online

You might be right if you think this game is available for free. Playing Big Ben for free offers you an opportunity to learn how to strategize and make some special moves ahead of real money gaming. If you want to enhance your gaming experience on a video slot game, Big Ben slot is a decent game for you. Unlike other video slot games, this game allows you to play a minimum of $0.01 to $50.00 maximum bet sizes.

Big Ben Slot offers players a variety of winning combinations, which in turn could increase chances to win. It is essential to rephrase that no amount is too small if you want to take part in real money play. Winning the jackpot is may not be a usual occurrence, but a prolonged play session would always guarantee a win.

Big Ben Pokies by Aristocrat

Big Ben Slot by Aristocrat is a game that will knock you off your feet and fulfill your desire to play a rewarding video slot game. The sound of this poker game is incredible and unique. You can’t help but fall in love with this poker game giving its unique features and incentives available to enhance your gaming experience. The Payable is quite stimulating as one win leads to more winning. To understand this poker game better, you need to know some things about the company behind it.

It is necessary to reaffirm that Big Ben Slot is from the table of Aristocrat, a software company based in Australia. It is one of the popular gaming networks that have continued to provide a series of entertaining and rewarding games to video slot lovers around the world. Established in 1953, the company has acquired several gaming networks; one among them is the Big Fish Casino in 2018. Aristocrat designed Big Ben Slot machine in 2003, and it has been excellent in terms of acceptance and game subscribers.

How to Play In Australia, Canada, New Zealand

This game is available to everyone, including individuals from Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. You can win big in Big Ben slot games, but it is essential that you first learn some critical winning tips & Strategies. You should understand that more spins that display the Big Ben symbol at any position around the reel mean more chances to win Big Ben slot. To play the game, you need to follow these steps:

  • Locate a reliable casino site
  • Go through the list of games on that casino platform and select Big Ben Slot
  • Make a deposit
  • Enjoy your game.

Paytables, Free Spins, Bonus Rounds

This game has a unique way of rewarding every player. Big Ben guard is one of the bonus rounds that can trigger your winning without stress. It is the wild symbol in this game and can double your winning. It has an attractive gambling feature, Paytable, and perfect winning combinations.

Bonus Rounds include the wild symbol, Free Spins, and instant play cash bonus.

You can get double, 5x, 25x or 1000x your bet with the right combinations. What combination are we talking about? Try as much as possible to arrange Big Ben symbols on the reels. The appearance of Big Ben icon on the 1st and last reel is capable of retriggering your winning in this game.

The scatter symbol is one of the bonus features you can find in this slot machine. You can make use of scatter icons to trigger free spins. You want to know how? It is simple. A combination of 3, 4, and 5 gives 15, 20, and 25 free spins, respectively, anywhere on the reels.

Jackpot: Playing this game qualifies you to win above your imaginations. What is the jackpot, and is it progressive? With just a small amount of money, you can win the non-progressive jackpot up to $60,000.00. That is also the maximum amount you can win. You are wondering how to win the Jackpot? That is not a big deal. Big Ben with RTP of 95.6%, has low volatility, and that may impart its payout. You can achieve jackpot as long as you play by the rules and learn useful tips & strategies about this slot machine.

Deposit: Just like every other slot game, you need to deposit before you can play for real money. That means it must be done before the gameplay and bearing in mind the minimum and maximum amounts.

Free spins: You are entitled to 25 free spins, which and 2x your multipliers. You can begin to enjoy free spins in this gambling machine game as soon as you see three Big Ben symbols on the reel.

Payout rate: This game has one of the highest payout rates compared to other video slots you will find online. It offers a player an opportunity to enjoy maximum returns on their wager. The payout rate is estimated to be around 96%, and that’s what makes it worth trying.

No Download No Registration & Other Advantages

Big Ben Slot does not require players to go through the long process of downloading. It, therefore, means you can play this slot game any time you want as long as you are connected to the internet. No need for registration, which is one crucial perk of many free slot machines today. You can play Big Ben Slot on any device such as iPad, Tablet, and Windows Phone. To enjoy Big Ben slot games on a mobile device, you must make sure you have the latest operating system preferably iPhone, Android, iPod, or HTML5.

Real Money Games

The Demo version of Big Ben Slot is available online just as you can play for real money. However, to play for real money, you must have an account, deposit real cash, and activate your pay lines. Big Ben gambling machine is available for play in many casino sites such as Guts, LiveRoulette, Bet365, etc.

10 Winning Tips for Big Ben Slot

  1. Locate a reliable casino platform
  2. Play for free using the Demo version (that will guide you on how to play the game better).
  3. Build a bankroll as you split your bet.
  4. Learn about the free spins and how it works
  5. Get familiar with the winning symbols
  6. Start with a minimum bet
  7. Exploit RTP of slot machine
  8. Identify every bonus features in Big Ben machine game
  9. Learn about multipliers and their values.
  10. Alter your bet when necessary.
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